Will My Brochure Website Appear On Google?

All websites designed and built by Kendall Internet come with a full range of built-in web and e-mail services. So no matter how simple the website, it will still be provided with all of the associated services of our more advanced sites. Such services include website reporting, content management and, of course, search engine optimisation. […]

What Does A Brochure Website Show?

Brochure sites usually contain the following information: A summary of your company and its products/services How to contact/find your company and a contact form Required legal statements and a site map etc.

What Is A Brochure Website?

A “Brochure” website is, perhaps, the simplest form of a business website. It is a website that has fairly infrequently updated content. Often a brochure site contains the same information that is used in a company’s existing printed promotional materials – hence the name.