Do I Have To Perform My Own Content Management?

No. Kendall Internet is very happy to provide a content management service if a client prefers it this way. Some of our existing clients still prefer to e-mail us fresh content and rely on us to make the necessary changes to the website, which we are more than happy to do.

Do I Need Special Tools Or Skills?

Absolutely not. All Kendall Internet websites are designed with an built-in, easy to use, web-based editing system. This means you can change text and images easily, anytime and from anywhere. If you can use word processing software or a text editor, then use of our content management editor will be a piece of cake. We’ll […]

Why Is Content Management Necessary?

If your website is not updated fairly regularly, it can quickly become less relevant to visitors – they are then more likely to go elsewhere to find what they’re looking for. This is not only the case for real clients/customers, but also for the search engines. A site that is not updated for long periods […]

What Is Content Management?

Content Management is simply the ability to change the text and images on your website. Once the preserve of the website designer, this is now a task that can easily be performed by the website owner themselves – no web skills are required!