What Is Domain Management?

Domains are provided on a “leasing” basis – so no individual or company can “own” one in perpetuity. The “leasing” of domains is known as domain registration. Domain names may be registered for a number of years, starting at a minimum of one and ending at a maximum of 10 years. Domains may only be […]

What Does A Domain Name Do?

A domain name acts as a people-friendly computer server address. The Internet is essentially a world-wide arrangement of computer servers, each with unique numbered addresses (in much the same way that we have house numbers and postal codes etc.). We use domain names as aliases for such numbered addresses, as it’s far easier for us […]

What Is A Domain Name?

A domain name is the part of a website address after the “www” – e.g. “google.co.uk” in “www.google.co.uk”. In addition, the domain name is used in all e-mail addresses – e.g. “google.co.uk” in “help@google.co.uk”. Domain names are unique and are bought and sold as commodities on the Internet.