Does Kendall Internet Provide E-Mail Marketing?

E-Mail is perhaps the most cost effective marketing tool at your disposal. Kendall Internet provide a range of e-mail marketing services to suit your needs – from the provision of simple branded e-mail stationery, through to a service that enables you to create, send and track e-mail campaigns and auto-responders. For full details please

Does Kendall Internet Provide SPAM and Virus Protection?

Our e-mail service comes with SPAM filters that enable us to filter out unnecessary e-mails. We are very experienced with a wide range of security solutions and will happily provide expert advice and support regarding e-mail virus protection and other associated threats.

Which e-Mail Services Can Kendall Internet Provide?

We can provide you with an unlimited number of e-mail identities. These can be real mailboxes, forwarding addresses, auto-responders and much more. We will also provide you with webmail and e-mail on your mobile – so that you can access e-mail whenever and wherever you are. In addition to webmail, you will also be able […]

How Does Kendall Internet Provide e-Mail Services?

The e-mail services we provide depend heavily on your requirements and any existing e-mail systems you may use. When we link your domain with our web hosting service in order to provide your website, we will also configure the e-mail service. If you already use either an in-house or a 3rd-party e-mail solution, then we […]