Which Web Hosting Provider Does Kendall Internet Use?

Selecting a top web hosting company is key to running your website well. Kendall Internet use Heart Internet, an award-winning host who provide a first-class business web hosting service.

What Web Hosting Technologies Are Available?

Web hosting is usually provided on a Unix-based web server, which gives a highly cost effective and reliable platform. In circumstances where your website requires a specific Microsoft technology (e.g. a .NET service, a Microsoft database etc.), then use of a Microsoft-based web server may be used. Kendall Internet is able to use both of […]

What Types Of Web Hosting Are Available?

Web hosts generally provide two types of web hosting – shared or dedicated. Shared hosting is where multiple websites are run using a single web server. This is a highly cost effective solution and still provides excellent performance, functionality and reliability. Shared hosting is the appropriate choice for the vast majority of websites. For websites […]

What Is Web Hosting?

In essence web hosting enables you to publish your website on the World Wide Web. Web hosting is normally provided via companies called web hosts. Such companies have data centres with web servers that run your website and ensure that it has secure, fast and reliable Internet connectivity.