What Is Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is a comprehensive on-line website usage tracking and reporting tool. It provides the webmaster and the owner with a wealth of information concerning their website usage. See Google Analytics

Does My Website Get A Page Counter?

No. The page counter was the first, very crude, attempt at providing the minimum of site usage statistics. Thankfully, these days, Google provide an excellent website usage tool called Google Analytics. All Kendall Internet websites use Google Analytics.

Why Do I Need Website Reporting?

If your website does not attract and keep visitors then it’s failing your business. By monitoring website usage, we can understand whether your website is working effectively – and if not, what needs to be changed. This is an ongoing process – no website stays perfect forever!

What Is Website Reporting?

Website reporting provides you with information on how your website is performing. This covers the who, what, how and why for the visits to your website. The information is provided to you in easy to use formats and we’re always happy to explain and discuss the information with you.