When Is A Database Website Appropriate?

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Database websites are highly suitable for directories and catalogues, where a large number of items all have similar elements.

Take, for example, a modelling agency with hundreds of models on their books.

Each model has the same types of attribute – namely, sex; height; weight; chest size; waist; eye colour; hair colour; shoe size etc.

By putting all the model data into a database, it makes it much easier to extract selected data.

Searching the database enables users to easily quickly and easily find what they are looking for – e.g. show a list of all models who are six foot tall, have blonde hair and blue eyes.

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About the Author

About the Author


Greg Kendall began his computing career in 1979, working with IBM mainframe computers - this was two years before the first PCs were introduced.


In the mid 1990s, he switched his focus on to PCs and the then nascent World Wide Web.


In 2002 he left the corporate world to form his own web and PC services company - Kendall Internet.


Kendall Internet specialise in the provision of high quality yet very affordable website, e-commerce and e-mail marketing services to small business clients located throughout the Thames Valley and beyond.


Kendall Internet also offer local computer services for domestic customers. From simple virus removal through to advanced problem solving, installations and upgrades, we cover most if not all of your computer support requirements.



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