Website Design

Kendall Internet has been building websites since 1996.

However, we don’t just design and build. Instead we provide our customers with a fully comprehensive set of website services as standard to ensure the continued success of your site.

We look after your website – you relax and take care of business!

Whatever type of website you require, we will provide you with a highly professional presence on the web.

For information on the types of website and the full range of services that we provide as standard, please select a link from the list below.

Domain Management: A Strong Web & E-Mail Identity

Domain ManagementObtaining an appropriate and relevant domain (Internet address) for your business is very important. Not only will it be used to identify your web site, but it will also act as the suffix for your email addresses (i.e. & A good domain name:
  • is easy for people to remember
  • reinforces your business brand
  • helps potential new customers to find you
Domain Management Services Domain management requires a good deal of time and knowledge. Our domain management services include:
  • Finder Services - We provide you with a list a of suitable available domains
  • Registration Services - We manage domain purchases, registrations and renewals
  • Configuration Services - We configure your domains for web and email usage
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Web Hosting: Publishing & Running your Website

Web HostingThe term web hosting refers to a group of services that together enable you to make your website accessible via the World Wide Web. Web hosts are companies with data centres that provide you with web servers that will run your website and ensure that it has secure, fast and reliable Internet connectivity. In addition, they provide a range of tools to manage and run the site - e.g. some enable your website to use advanced visitor-friendly facilities, whilst others ensure that your site is reliable and always available. Using a top web host is key to providing a good website. Web Hosting Services We use an award-winning top class business web host - Heart Internet - who provide web hosting services that:
  • offer a huge range of functionality
  • are highly flexible & easy to use
  • are very customer focused
  • are consistently fast and stable
  • are constantly being expanded & are great value
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E-Mail Services

E-mail Services Low Cost Communications Electronic mail is the original Internet service and remains the most commonly used to this day. However, just like websites, a good e-mail address will make it much easier for customers, partners and suppliers to find you and keep in touch. If you have a good domain name and a good web host, you can turn your e-mail from a simple tool into a powerful communications and marketing medium. E-Mail & Mailbox Services By linking your domain and web hosting, we can provide you with the following:
  • an unlimited number of e-mail identities (i.e. mailboxes & forwarders)
  • e-mail mailing lists
  • e-mail autoresponders (i.e. automatic responses to e-mails)
  • junk mail filters to keep SPAM at bay
  • server-based, PC/Mac-based or Webmail access
  • e-mail and text messaging (SMS) integration
  • integration to any existing company e-mail system
  • e-Mail marketing services
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Website Design - Appearances Count

Website design Appearances Count A professionally-designed website should increase brand awareness, attract new customers and help to develop your business. Your website should be designed to suit your target audience, be intuitive and contain sufficient information to persuade visitors to contact you. The look and feel, the navigation and the presentation of your site content should be consistent to ensure visitors explore the site in full. Website Design & Build Services All Kendall Internet websites:
  • are designed as a joint effort between Kendall Internet and you the customer
  • are designed to reinforce your brand and help grow your business
  • are designed with both web surfers and search engines in mind
  • enable you to view the website as it is built
  • are built using stable, secure and highly flexible website design tools
  • are designed to be easily extended when and as needs demand
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Content Management - Keeping Your Site Fresh

Content Management Keeping Site Content Fresh The best way to keep visitors on your website (and to keep them coming back to it) is to provide them with fresh and relevant website content - i.e. text, graphics and multimedia. Kendall Internet can help by using certain website design techniques to make things appear fresh, but only you the customer can truly ensure that your content is as fresh as it can be. If that sounds a daunting prospect, don't worry, we have the content management services to make this a very simple task. Content Management Services We offer a highly flexible range of services that mean you can choose to perform some or all content management or Kendall Internet can do it for you - at no extra charge! Our content management services:
  • are web-based and simple to use
  • enable website content to be updated, added and published
  • require no HTML training or experience
  • cover text, graphics and multimedia content
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Search Engine Optimisation: Getting To The Top

Search Engine OptimisationRanking highly in search engine results is the very best way in which to improve the volume and quality of traffic to your website. Optimising a website for search engines is key to achieving a high ranking - this requires a knowledge of how search engines work and what people are searching for. Search engine optimisation involves editing your site content and its (HTML) coding to increase its relevance for specific keywords and phrases. Search Engine Optimisation Services We have an excellent track record of achieving consistently high rankings for our customers. Unlike many of our competitors, our search engine optimisation services are included as standard.
  • Our sites are designed with search engines in mind
  • We provide feedback to customers on what searchers are looking for
  • We work closely and often with our customers to identify keywords and phrases to use
  • We compare your site with those of your competitors
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Social Media Connectivity - Increasing Website Traffic

Social Media Connectivity Word of mouth has always been a great way to extend knowledge of your business. With today's web and mobile-based social media technologies, the opportunities to further knowledge of your business are extraordinary. Using social media technologies (e.g. Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn etc.) to drive traffic to your website can be a highly effctive marketing strategy. Kendall Internet can help you to select and use such technologies to increase the number of visitors to your website. Call us on +44 (0)1344 423340 for further information.

Website Reporting: How Is My Website Performing?

Website ReportingKnowing how well your website is performing is vital if you want it to work as an effective tool to support and develop your business. Who visits? What are the most/least popular pages? How do visitors find the site? What search engine keywords are visitors using? These questions, and many more, need to be answered if you are to judge whether your website is working or not. Website Reporting Services All of our customers have on-line access to a vast range of website usage statistics, including:
  • Visitors - Who visits you website?
  • Traffic Sources - Where do visitors come from and why?
  • Content - Which are the most/least visited website pages?
You can also:
  • Create custom reports that present the information you want to see organised in the way you want to see it
  • Put all the information you need on a custom Dashboard that you can e-mail to others
  • Compare time periods and select date ranges without losing sight of long term trends
  • Schedule or send ad-hoc personalised report e-mails that contain exactly the information you want to share
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Brochure Websites: On-line Company Brochures

Brochure Website The simplest form of business website, the brochure site, is a website that has very infrequently updated content. Often they contain the same company information that is used in a company's existing printed promotional materials - hence the name. Brochure sites usually contain the following information:
  • A summary of your company and its products/services
  • How to contact/find your company and a contact form
  • Required legal statements and a site map etc.
All Website Services Included Most web design companies do not offer brochure sites with any attached services - such as search engine optimisation or reporting. Kendall Internet is different - we believe any website without such services will fail to deliver the intended benefits to your company. What is the point of having a website if you can't find it via search engines or you have no idea if it is being visited? Call us on +44 (0)1344 423340 for further information.

A Database Site

Database Website A database site is a website where much of the content is stored in a web database. Using a database enables large amounts of data to be stored, managed and displayed without overloading the visitor with information, or slowing down the display of the website pages. Using a database website is a good choice:
  • For information normally found in a directory or catalogue
  • When you have many product or service categories
  • When you want to give your visitors the opportunity to compare products/services
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E-Commerce: Open for Sales - 24 hours, 7 days a week

Open 24 hoursSelling your goods/services on-line via an e-commerce website offers small businesses a low-cost route to market. Your website will enable you to sell 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to regional, national, continental or even worldwide customers. Our e-commerce websites provide your customers with:
  • An on-line brochure of your products/services
  • An easy-to-use shopping basket system
  • A secure yet simple payment processing system
Our e-commerce websites provide you with:
  • A simple to use product administration system
  • A full choice of product shipment options
  • A simple to use customer & order processing system
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Community: Shared Views, Experience & Knowledge

Community Web Sites Community sites bring together visitors with a common interest to share information. As such they are websites where visitors are encouraged to interact with the site - for example by posting comments etc. Community sites can span geographical boundaries - bringing readers worldwide together around a shared topic. Examples of community web sites include:
  • Forums & Message Boards - online discussions in the form of posted messages
  • Community Blogs - posted articles submitted by and commented on by readers
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Blog: Shared Information and Interaction

Blogs A blog is a discussion or informational web site that is also usually interactive. It consists of "posts" (articles) that visitors can respond to and comment upon. A blog can be a very useful business marketing tool, as it provides a highly cost-effective way for a company to engage directly with its markets/clients/customers. Blogs are also great tools for clubs and societies to inform members and other interested parties of club and member news and activies. Due to their structure, blogs usually have built-in search engine optimisation and are therefore more likely to rank highly in search engine results. Call us on +44 (0)1344 423340 for further information.

Hybrid Websites - Mixing It All Up

Hybrid Websites Hybrid sites are simply websites that contain a mixture of features and functionality. The combinations are endless, but could, for example, include:
  • Blog, database and e-commerce elements
  • Brochure and database elements
  • Database and e-commerce elements
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